Clinical Treatment

Dr. Slosar treats children, teens, young adults, adults, and parents/families.
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Dr. Slosar’s specializes in:

  • Children with developmental issues, ages 7 through 22
  • Adults facing serious difficulties
  • High-functioning adults who want to reach their full potential

Dr. Slosar’s Approach to Clinical Work

There are often two separate pathways to one’s development.

The first pathway can be described as pragmatic, such as helping with day-to-day coping. This includes cognitive and behavioral approaches, psycho-educational resources, and day to day activities to cope and manage anxiety and depression.

The second pathway gets more in depth and explores all aspects of development.  This approach creates changes that lead to more significant changes. Here are some sample questions for the first pathway: What do you remember about your parent’s divorce? What was early school and high school like for you? Is your anger cyclical or episodic?  Why do you think you are so anxious?

By combining the deeper pathway with the pragmatic pathway, and we utilize a comprehensive, effective treatment model.