Pandemic Prediction Challenge


What are your predictions for a post pandemic world?

A historic number of educators and students are homebound. Teachers and families are inventing a whole new life for themselves – amidst a changed society. One constructive activity is to involve our children in what can be an empowering discussion–their predictions for a post-pandemic world and what actions they think should be taken in response.

You pick the topic of your prediction. From how our governments are structured to how we greet one another might all change.

Let’s have this conversation together.

Psychology For Good is a cooperative of psychotherapists engaged in public outreach. We’re sending invitations to educators and community leaders across the country to ask families for their pandemic predictions.


  • Talk with your family about their predictions. Watch the video for tips from Dr. Jay Slosar on how to talk to your kids about the pandemic.
  • You can post your response as a video or a blog. You can make your post in any of your favorite social media sites. Use the hashtag #PandemicPredictionChallenge. Be sure to set your post to public. Tag others and ask them for their predictions, too.
  • Check back here to keep the conversation going. Our technology automatically fetches all these posts from across the Internet into one place, where Dr. Slosar and several community leaders will comment on the posts.